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David Heffern | Penske Automotive

“Anne and I had a great time at Indy! We got to see a different side of NASCAR. As for the rain we have had a NASCAR late model and a quarter midget team for our kids so we are used to rain delays and cancellations its all part of it you cant control it! We APPRECIATE all that you have done your generosity and showing us a great time. We definitely will not forget this was one for the record book for us THANK YOU!!!!! I would not change a thing you guys do it right!”

Mike Nyugen | @smurfinwrx | Digital Influencer

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the opportunity this weekend. On the personal level this was such an amazing experience for me. I talked to Ron and the other guys about my background this weekend so they know exactly why I was so excited to be there. I literally grew up under the poverty line and remember watching NASCAR in the projects. This trip was surreal, I truly appreciate it. 

Everyone is back in the office today since yesterday was a Holiday in Quebec. On behalf of our gang, I would like to extend our gratitude and compliments to the organization. I don’t think I am pushing it by saying we still have STARS in our eyes when we recall this TOTAL NASCAR immersion we were able to live! This was just awesome and unreal, just the best experience for first time rookies or veteran of the races as Claude. TEAM PENSKE 22/Joey Logano (and Shell) have a new fan base in Quebec.

Mandy, this would not have been possible without you and your guidance was second to none, both technically and personally. You made this experience unforgettable and you also have your fan base in Quebec. This was just a great experience to remember and souvenir to share, from start to end. You are the perfect host. Everything was perfect and I don’t see how we can improve this one….really. We lived to the max, and ready to do it again anytime.

Finally, a special note to our customer Groupe Hallé / Navistar who participated fully and supports the Shell Brand across Quebec, thank you for your business.

Let’s do it again! Together, anything is possible!
— Shell Canada

Tracy Minto | Hyster Yale Group

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for a GREAT race day event yesterday! Thanks to you and the entire Sport Dimensions team we had another over-the-top weekend.  Please be sure to let the entire SD team know how much we appreciated their time and hospitality! Our Hyster logo looked great on the #22 trunk deck!


Tommy Burney | Dilmar Oil Company

"Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for all you did last night from host, speak, and prepare, to even step in as part of the crew. The knowledge you have and respect you've earned of those families is unbelievable. To take a perfect stranger and throw him in your shadow for a show like that was unreal. It's a memory I won't soon forget and probably rekindled an old fire from deep. You do a first class job and are a true benefit to the Rotella and Shell brand. Every detail was truly top of the line and I appreciate that for my clients. I look forward to seeing you at another event soon. Thanks for [all you do] to make it happen."

Paul spradlin | taylor enterprises

“I wanted to say thank you so very much for all the help, patience and guidance you offered leading up to and at the event yesterday. We had an absolute blast and it was one of the most exciting sporting events I have ever been to. I can officially tell you my wife is now a NASCAR fan!”


"To be honest, it still hasn't kicked in yet...this is truly a memory that will last a lifetime."

Jeff Couturier | Parts Manager at Grimsby Hyundai

This is my 3rd Quaker State 400 event with customers and by far exceeded our customer expectations. Being able to offer the full VIP experience from the tours, Pit Zero, drivers meeting, parade, green flag and pit access to a few during the race was over the top and have heard nothing but ‘Best Ever,’ ‘Check It Off My Bucket List,’ ‘Speechless,’ and ‘Can’t Thank You Enough.’
— Mark Lyon | OEM Accounts, Shell Lubricants
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They said “cross your arms” and I had to make things weird. Wonderful meeting everyone yesterday who came out! People said I appear taller and thinner in person, so I’m happy the cameras put on a couple pounds for me. 😂😂 Huge thanks to @shell for making this happen. These are seriously my favorite people in the YouTube business and some of my best friends. . Fuel Fact #2: Shell’s latest premium fuel, Shell V-Power Nitro+, began development in 2015, launching now in 2019. One of the major focuses was on reducing friction within an engine, which yes, is generally the oil’s job, but can be done using fuel as well. Similar to oil, the fuel has a detergent additive, molecules consisting of a polar head and hydrocarbon tail. The polar head bonds to metal, like the cylinder walls and pistons. The hydrocarbon tail, essentially oil, reduces metal/metal contact and allows for less heat lost between the pistons and cylinder walls. This is particularly useful for the top piston ring, as it’s the most oil starved. It’s also useful for engines with start-stop tech, as it provides a coating that remains on the cylinder walls while the engine is shut off, and then restarted. Top down protection, versus bottom up like with engine oil. @shell_ontheroad #ShellPartner #ShellVPower #PumUpIndy #Indy500 #ChrisFix #MattMaranMotoring #EricTheCarGuy #HumbleMechanic #EngineeringExplained

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