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I am a 27 year old automotive YouTuber based in Pittsburgh, PA. I post weekly car reviews and automotive news videos along with other automotive content. With over 200 cars reviewed and over 120 million video views, I am known for my often very animated and hilarious reactions to fast accelerations. My growing base of 325,000 subscribers enjoy my passionate take on car reviews and automotive news and appreciate my simple and honest thoughts on whatever he drives. I consider myself an enthusiast through and through that loves a spirited drive on a good back road.

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Matt is a professional YouTuber and has reviewed dozens of new premium cars. Matt recently bought a Bullitt Mustang GT, a remake of the car Steve McQueen used in the move "Bullitt." The Mustang GT based model is a life long dream of Matt's to own and will be doing summer drives, cars and coffee events and other shows. Matt has a big following on YouTube, Maran Motoring, and has built up his Instagram as his second channel of choice.

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YouTube car reviewer, attends car shows, driving tours


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