2018 Pennzoil Grassroots Racing Team

Objective: Choose select participants/teams/builders across select disciplines of grassroots motorsports and performance to become our ambassadors involved in grassroots and amateur performance events. Begin to develop a prestigious “Team Pennzoil” portfolio in key series and disciplines and rebuild Pennzoil awareness and dominance of the passionate performance participant

Pennzoil will be supporting amateur racers and builders, bringing the brand back into grassroots racing and performance at the ground level! For year one, let’s start small and develop the program to become scalable at efficient cost. Choose six to ten “teams”, one or two from each discipline that are long time, quality  participants, social media savvy and have successful stories

Initial investigations shows existing Pennzoil product offering to be good in most applications (participant needs will be vetted prior to joining the team). The initiative will also provide an incentive for purchase for DIY retailers and websites (walmart.com, amazon.com). An exclusive Team Pennzoil merchandising package will be developed to include branded  hats, t-shirts, decals and banners.

Ensure that Shell third party customers have the rights to content and communications, encourage Distributors/customers to leverage driver stories and assets. Racers will be expected to provide imagery and results that can then be used for Lubes social and other communication stories. Additional support can be an option, such as using their cars for display, entertaining or hosting Shell influencers, etc.

We will encourage local retailer engagement and support/purchases (AutoZone, Advance, etc.) from racers. This can include leveraging the race car for show appearances, use of their imagery or other assets.

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Meet the Team

@SmurfinWRX shares more information about what oil you should you put in your car.

“I took a trip with Pennzoil recently to Road America to see their products in action. I was surprised to learn a few things and you guys know me, I'm very skeptical of everything.”

@Autovlog helps his subscribers understand the right oil for their car in his latest video.

“I went to Road America to enjoy some IMSA racing thanks to Pennzoil! We met with Team Penske and Helio Castroneves amongst others!”

Event Metrics and Hosted Influencer Snapshot:

HumbleMechanic's CHANNELS

228k subscribers

Autovlog's CHANNELS

368k subscribers


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362k subscribers

A Note on Metrics

SD will specialize in realistic and meaningful metrics. We can gather a ton of data, but how will it be used? Let’s capture what’s important and learn from it, even if it shows us trends verses a quantitive number. Based on the brand’s past vendor measurement definitions, SD will align with those definitions and improve upon them where possible and can lead to more decision-based data.

YouTube Video Views
The number of times videos created by influencers for this program have been viewed on YouTube

The amount of potential impressions generated across social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) – as part of the program, each influencer also shares content on their most prominent social channels, in addition to creating video content; includes organic and paid impressions

The number of times a user organically shares an influencer’s video on their own social channel, or likes/comments an influencer’s video on YouTube. This metric does not include clicks/views or hashtag mentions

Total Media Value
From Collective Bias, this metric quantifies the value of paid, earned and owned media performance as part of the campaign. Valuations are set based on monitoring and research from outside sources..

  • Video Views are assigned a $0.38 value per view

  • Content Creation refers to the fair market value of the content being created. Each video created is valued at $3,000

  • Engagements are valued at $1.40 per engagement

Time Watched
The total amount of time viewers spend watching our influencers’ videos on YouTube

The aggregate number of users who subscribe to the YouTube channels of influencers involved in our program